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    Part six is somewhat of a summary of the first five parts.   If you're new to this site you should read this part first for it will give you a good view of how I see gravity.

    This is an attempt to look at gravity from a different perspective, one not as an attraction or a push.  It puts time, space and motion into perspective.

    A look at space in a way you have never looked at it before.  It is a look at what else the space time fabric might be doing and how it may be playing a role of which we are unaware.

    How does gravity produce motion? Is it a particle or wave? The alternative to the big bang. 

    Is gravity the same in the microscopic world as it is in the larger universe? Is the strong force and gravity one and the same thing? If so, how could we connect the two?

    This part is a natural outgrowth of the six parts proceeding it.  It explains some aspects of gravity that were not foreseen earlier. 
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First posted July / 18 / 1999
    A look at particles, time, and gravity control. Can we build a device to control gravity? To change gravity we must be able to change time. Can this be done?
   I have chosen the fabric to be the base building block or foundation of our existence. We do not experience the fabric directly but indirectly through the disturbances we observe as electromagnetic radiation (or short for light) in the fabric. The energy that actually created radiation in the fabric is of course unknown. In this scenario radiation becomes the true building block of all known things we can observe and measure. This includes all four forces.

   Gravity transcends all known substances but the energy that creates it can be confined. How?
   To start this process we first examine light (radiation) because it has four distinct properties. 1)An electric field. 2)A magnetic field. 3)It carries energy. 4)It has velocity. Very little is ever discussed about the velocity of light other than it is traveling at the speed of light. Light is said to be massless (has no rest mass) because if it was not, it could not travel at the speed of light. The actual properties which describe light do not explain why it does have such a high velocity or if that velocity really means anything. The interaction between the electric and the magnetic field is used to describe how light propagates. The light of course is propagating within the fabric, not through it. The fabric is the great arbitrator that keeps the conservation of energy and momentum valid.

   Light carries energy and has momentum but has no mass. This is a standard statement although it is hotly contested. It is clearly stated that mass and energy are related (E=Mc^2) and one can be converted to the other. An easy experiment shows that light must have mass. The experiment is simple. If one takes a confinement container which has perfectly reflective inner surfaces which permit no energy to escape from the container and place a quantity of mass in the container and then measure the container's weight, then by using some little magic trick convert the mass inside the container to pure energy or radiation, then re-measure the weight of the container. This done, you'll find that the weight of the container is the same either with the mass you inserted or the mass you inserted in radiation form.

   This of course implies that radiation does indeed have mass but that mass can only be measured when the radiation is confined in some way. The rest mass now becomes apparent. The mass of the universe is constant and the total energy of the universe is constant no matter what form the energy within the universe takes. Thus all the radiation in the universe gives mass to the universe simply because the radiation is confined to the universe.

   It is also seen here that the gravitational distortion caused by the energy in the confinement container is not subject to the container's confinement. It is only the electromagnetic energy that is confined which means that the gravitational distortion produced by that energy has a very different set of properties than the energy we are experiencing.

   This tells us that light does carry mass with it but we don't know how and we don't know how to measure that mass when the light is in free radiation form. We know that the energy in light is directly related to the wavelength of the light.  The shorter the wavelength the more energy the light has. The sun is constantly losing mass by converting mass to radiation and that energy is radiated away.

   I'm going to make a statement here which might confuse you and that is all energies are moving at the speed of light and of course the speed of light is fixed, our constant in its frame of reference. Fundamental particles are said to be vibrating strings that are vibrating at the speed of light and thus the particles were somehow formed with condensed radiation and since condensed radiation is confined radiation, the mass of the particle is caused by that radiation's confinement. No matter what we do to mass or to all the other forces, they will eventually degrade to some form of radiation which in turn is traveling at the speed of light.

   This is very hard to perceive for we clearly know that mass, as a whole, is not moving at the speed of light, but there you would be wrong for the energy that makes up mass is always propagating at the speed of light. If this is the case, then how would you accelerate a mass to some velocity for this would violate the fundamental law that nothing can travel faster than light. Therefore mass could not possibly move or be accelerated. But apparently the fabric does strange things and that is when mass is accelerated it has a resistance called inertia. Since we declared that all things are moving at the speed of light, the confined mass we accelerate must adjust its velocity to account for the acceleration and the mass's overall new velocity, thus the internal propagation velocity of the mass must decrease or lose energy equivalent to the new external velocity of the confined mass itself. The internal velocity of the energy in the mass and the overall velocity of the mass will always equal the speed of light. The energy to make the conversion becomes the energy of motion the accelerated mass now has. This back and forth conversion is what gives mass inertia and it is how mass delivers energy from one place to another.

   This means that all radiation including the background radiation that we observe in the universe is seen by the universe as mass and if the amount of mass is sufficient it will noticeably deflect light in some small way. It also means that wherever light is present in space it causes that area of space to have a distinctive gravitational anomaly.

   But what does this have to do with gravity and what in light is creating gravity?  Here we can only come to the conclusion that it is the velocity of  light itself that is causing the distortion in the fabric that creates gravity and the amount of the distortion created is related to the wavelength of the light or the light energy in relation to C^2. 

   Since a light wave travels at the speed of light the gravitational distortion it has also travels at the speed of light. You cannot separate the two, for one has created the other. Since all things are made up of this energy (radiation) the gravitational distortion of the universe remains constant.  The gravitational wave is predicted to travel at the speed of light and that of course would be true because the waves must be generated by the movement of mass and mass cannot move faster than the speed of light. A burst of light approaching us must carry with it a gravitational wave, too weak to measure, but nevertheless present. This does not preclude that the gravitational distortion itself is subject to the speed of light. This is because we can only observe radiation energy and not the distortion that makes up part of that energy.

   There is a gravitational wave generated by moving objects but there is also a gravitational wave generated by the internal vibrating energy of the particle. The distance that energy travels while in a vibrating loop determines the amount of mass the particle carries and this of course is tied to the wavelength of the vibration along with other factors.

   In other words the gravitational distortion that was generated at the beginning of the universe remains constant no matter what energy form it takes within the universe. The effects of the distortions are far reaching and must track and follow the movement of the energy which created it. This has far reaching effects because if the actual following movement of the distortion is that of the speed of light it would be impossible for the gravitational distortion to maintain the universe as we see it, thus the distortion itself moves far faster than the speed of light and is more than likely connected to the C^2 velocity.

   The gravitational bubble that surrounds a particle is far reaching and must at all times move with the movement of the particle. If the tracking of the bubble was subject to the speed of light there would be insufficient resistance to acceleration because the volume of the gravitational shell would be too small. It is the vast size of the distortion's interaction with the fabric which produces the conversion energy which gives us the inertia we experience. This is why C^2 is related to the energy of the particle and thus the bubble's response to movement of the particle. The true gravitational distortion has a velocity of C^2, not the speed of light.

   A true gravitational distortion on waves or ripples only affects other gravitational distortions and does not transfer energy. The interaction of gravitational distortions affect time which can only be observed from a stable reference platform. The gravitational attraction is due to time imbalances which cause the radiation energy to migrate.

   We cannot observe energy in any form unless it is moving and radiation energy can only move at one speed. It is the only thing that gives substance to the universe. If we drop a pebble into a still pond (invisible pond) we create ripples on its surface, thus the ripples become the thing we experience, for they are in motion. Mass appears solid only because its internal energy is propagating at the speed of light. A simple example of this would be like a stream of water coming out of a hose at a low-pressure. It is easy to pass your finger through the stream. If you increase the stream's velocity drastically and try to put your finger through the stream it would act like a solid object. This is why confined radiation appears solid.

   When a particle is put into motion it produces a gravitational vibrating distortion relative to that motion but internally the energy that makes up the particle is vibrating at the speed of light thus producing a secondary gravitational vibration. The secondary vibration frequency is extremely high because of the size of the particle but its wavelength is not measured using the speed of light but C^2. The particle's velocity frequency and its internal frequency are the same but with drastically different wavelengths.

   This scenario only explains why gravity exists and where the distortion comes from, not exactly how the other forces are generated. But for the other forces to exist they must be in some form of motion or they could not be experienced or have any influence over other things. The vibrating energy that makes up a particle is extremely high and dependent upon the size of the particle and its vibrating frequency. The vibrating gravitational distortion produced by the vibrating energy is very low but its influence in space is extremely large. How this gravitational vibration appears to be static and one-sided is a mystery. We know very little about the actual structure of a fundamental particle except they are complex and have many properties associated with them.
   Time is a fundamental part in the motion of objects and waves. Time changes with any change of motion, in our reference frame. A gravitational field changes time which changes motion which we call an attraction or gravity. This means that the gravitational force is an attempt to change the motion of an object to maintain the conservation of energy.  The force that holds you to the ground is the time difference across the particle's distortion field. This force is necessary to maintain the balanced energy system we live in.

   A particle can act like a wave or a particle but the reality is a particle is a confined wave. The gravitational distortion is a fundamental property of a propagating electromagnetic wave and its properties keep the wave in perpetual motion. A photon is said to not have mass but in reality it does, but the mass component is in its propagating motion. The gravitational distortion appears very weak only because it has an influence over a vast amount of space. You must remember that a very small time change can produce an extreme motion.

   The gravitational distortion is directly connected to the way the fabric keeps energy in motion. Why light propagates at one speed could tell us a lot about the characteristics of the fabric. This also tells us that the fabric is something different than what we perceive. What this is I am not sure.  I'll have to dwell on it.

   Reading my other works will give you some insight of why I have come to these conclusions and will open your mind to a broader experience of the universe. My thoughts have changed over the last 15 years. The above is a conclusion or summary of the gravitational distortion I envision. The seven parts below include other concepts and some possible scenarios which you might find interesting. You might find it tedious reading but will give your imagination a boost.

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